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The Spiritual Need in Cape Verde

Sitting off the west coast of Africa, Cape Verde is small country of just over half a million people, living between 10 volcanic islands with a combined land area about the size of Rhode Island. This former Portuguese colony is poor in natural resources, prone to drought, and has little farmable land. Nevertheless, it is known for having achieved political and economic stability, and tourism is a growing source of income.

During the 20th century, severe droughts caused thousands of deaths and the emigration of many people to the United States, Portugal, Senegal, Spain and other countries. Now, more people with Cape Verdean heritage live outside the country than inside it. About 90% of the population on the islands identify as Catholic and nine percent as evangelical believers. There is religious freedom, affording tremendous opportunity for Christian missions to Cape Verde and to share the gospel on this small island nation.

Christian Missions To Cape Verde

While ABWE does not have a direct presence in Cape Verde, we have had the privilege of partnering with Maranatha Multicultural Ministries (a Brazilian missions agency that ABWE helped to start), which sends missionaries to the African nation. We hope to find more people who can enhance this effort in Cape Verde, help build strong communities of faith, and spark a global missions movement. Church planting, leadership development, women’s ministry and relationship building are all ways to bring God’s love to the people of Cape Verde and beyond.

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