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The Spiritual Need in Kenya

Kenya is nestled in the heart of East Africa with neighbors such as Uganda, Ethiopia, and Tanzania and a coastline along the Indian Ocean. Some of Kenya’s most internationally recognizable cultural icons include coffee from the Kenyan Highlands, safaris through Masai Mara National Park, and bright, heavily-decorated traditional attire.

Kenyans are collectivistic and family-oriented, placing emphasis on honoring others and especially one’s ancestors. Many of Kenya’s 49 million people also find their religious identity of great cultural and personal significance. Most of the population (78%) identify as Christians, with 48% of those following evangelical beliefs, while Muslims make up about 11% of population. It is common for native, traditional belief systems to be syncretized with a primary religion, particularly ideas around communication to or through deceased ancestors. With as many as 45 unreached people groups spread throughout the country there is still great need to share the gospel in this majority Christian nation.

Kenya faces challenges like food insecurity, widespread poverty, government corruption and lack of infrastructure, making it difficult for its proportionally very young population to experience economic stability. Yet, Kenyans have a Swahili motto that translates to “let us all pull together,” which is readily enacted and made recognizable through Kenya’s continued prominence on the continent.

English is the official language, enabling many missionaries to serve in Kenya with English-speaking ministries. But with the rise of Islam, Hinduism, “prosperity gospel” teachings, and various ethnic religions threatening to tear down Christian foundations and create discord and confusion, now is a critical time for us to all pull together to strengthen and support Kenyan believers and share the gospel message.

ABWE in Kenya

ABWE does not currently have a presence in Kenya. However, there is an urgent need for evangelists and disciple makers to come alongside young believers and local churches throughout the country.

Most national pastors are laboring at their full capacity to meet the physical and spiritual needs of their communities and the families that are entrusted to their pastoral care and education. These pastors welcome partnership with North American missionaries who have the skills and opportunity to teach, train, disciple, evangelize and grow the local church. Other ministry opportunities exist in education, trade school training, counseling, and many other areas.

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Greater Nairobi Benevolence Fund

Spiritual darkness, poverty, corruption, unemployment, hunger, hopelessness: the hardships of daily life for many Kenyans. Help spread the gospel of hope and salvation in Jesus Christ as we minister to the spiritual and physical needs of the people. …