The Position

Did you know that Ukraine offers one of the most promising new environments for spiritual leadership in all of Eurasia? Since 1994, ABWE has helped thousands of church workers model a high-quality theological education. With experience and training in accounting, you can join the ABWE team in Ukraine and help nonbelievers welcome the Gospel into their hearts.

As an accountant, you will:

  • Have a personal, educational and professional background that demonstrates you are qualified to work as accountant for ABWE
  • Demonstrate excellent analytical, computational and communications skills, while also being honest, reliable and faithful to the mission
  • Be a committed Christian who lives an authentic lifestyle, and develops meaningful friendships that encourage deep discussions about faith in Christ
  • Demonstrate common sense and excellent judgment
  • Have a heart for missions work and the patience to persevere through challenges

The Need

Unlike much of Eurasia, where religious intolerance and skepticism are rampant, Ukraine serves as a launching pad for missions movements in neighboring countries. The country’s civil war left thousands dead, millions more displaced and towns damaged. The spiritual and physical needs of Ukraine’s people are great, and God has opened the door to allow us to help. In Ukraine, our missionaries give nationals the practical and spiritual guidance they need to rebuild their lives with faith in Christ as the foundation. God’s church is growing in Ukraine and the opportunities are overflowing. We need your help.

The Impact

Working as the Ukraine team’s accountant gives you the chance to put your business skills to work in a practical way for Christ. Your work will directly support the efforts of those who are actively teaching and evangelizing to the people of Ukraine. Working together through creative training programs, the ABWE missions team has planted several churches throughout Ukraine that are now reproducing. It takes a village to build a reproducing discipleship model, and after many years of toil, we have begun to succeed — but with about 98 percent of the population not yet reached, there is still much to accomplish. Won’t you join us in Ukraine?

Not sure if you are a perfect fit?

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