South Africa

The Position

The Durban field team is looking for someone to come alongside our Field Treasurer and assist in the daily tasks they have. You would be making deposits and transfers, keeping spreadsheets up to date, managing the finances of several NGO’s and missionary accounts. We need someone with a heart for ministry, a passion for people, and a capacity for financial management to complement the gifts and hard work of the team. Degrees in Accounting or Business Administration, while desired are not necessary, but solid experience in financial management and Quick Books is required. It is not a requirement to learn a foreign language in order to minister in Durban.

The Need

In South Africa there is poverty, disease, crime, and spiritual darkness. From much-needed racial reconciliation, to an influx of new religions being combined with ancient superstitions and the increase of Islam, South Africa desperately needs the reconciling truth of the gospel.

The Durban Field Team is united with this vision: we will help plant and equip local churches and ministries with meaningful social and spiritual impact that will intentionally launch church-planting movements with the ultimate goal of fueling world mission movements for God’s glory. Will you join us?

The Impact

Use your skills to make an eternal impact on the mission field. Every ministry we begin, every project we undertake, and every relationship we develop is geared toward sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. However, we know that simply sharing the gospel with someone is only part of our calling as missionaries: we are also called to walk alongside them and make disciples. If you love Jesus and want to help people, then we have a place for you.


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