Bible Study Leaders


The Position

Are you a mature Christian who is ready to help others on their spiritual journey? As a Bible study leader in Hungary, you can share the story of hope and be a crucial part of our church-planting ministries by:

  • Sharing the truth of the Bible’s stories, messages, and themes from Genesis through Revelation and leading thought-provoking discussions that encourage a deeper understanding of faith
  • Answering questions thoughtfully, patiently, and lovingly
  • Bringing a heart for ministry and a passion for education to your work and accept that perseverance is necessary for success in missions
  • Sharing your personal testimony of Christ’s grace and set a good example for the community by living an authentically Christian lifestyle
  • Developing meaningful relationships in the Hungarian community

The Need

The history of church and religion in Hungary is complex, originating from pagan roots to Catholic conversion. What became a mostly Protestant nation through the Reformation changed through the Counter-Reformation and recent Communist Party rule. When Hungary reestablished religious freedom in 1990, many residents viewed Christ skeptically or as irrelevant. Today, about half of the Hungarian population is Roman Catholic. Another 20 percent are reformed. Only 11,000 people have a personal relationship with Jesus — about the same number who identify as Jehovah’s Witnesses. Through Bible study, you can share the Word of God with community members who are desperate for spiritual truth.

The Impact

Despite the complex attitudes Hungarians hold toward matters of faith, the opportunity to make a spiritual impact is significant. Our team has seen success in Hungary through Bible study, English language classes, leadership training and church planting. All you need is the willingness to train with us, a dedication to Scripture and the determination to follow the path God has laid for you.

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