Biblical Counselors and Trainers

South Africa

The Position

Church planting efforts have been underway in South Africa for that past 30 years and the need for biblical counselors as well as counselors equipped to train others is both a need and an opportunity. The counseling needs in South Africa vary and are much like you would find just about anywhere, however, caring for the poor, the orphaned and vulnerable, and those living with continual suffering and trauma in South Africa requires specialized pastoral and counseling skills.

We are looking for individuals who have training in Biblical Counseling and the desire to meet the general needs of many within our communities. We are also looking for trained Biblical Counselors who specifically desire to minister to the abused, impoverished, addicted, and shamed within our communities. Training in this area of biblical counseling is available in South Africa and provided by the missionaries on the field. Language training in some cases will be required.

The Need

We need individuals with theological and Biblical counseling training and the willingness to serve with a courageous and compassionate spirit. South Africa is a country with profound spiritual, emotional and physical needs, and the reconciling truth of the gospel is their only hope. We are currently expanding our ministries into new areas, training leaders to care for orphans and vulnerable children, as well as those whose lives have been traumatized through suffering and pain with a practical and Biblical framework of counseling.

The Impact

This ministry is aimed at providing Biblical counseling training to national pastors and servant leaders who will then train other South Africans to counsel, guide and mature the next generation through evangelism, specialized discipleship and Biblical counseling. One area specifically targeted is designed to help those who minister to rural orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC).

Ministry Focuses

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