Camp Ministry Leaders

Saint Lucia

The Position

Camp ministry is one of the most effective ways to bring new members into the church. Not only are kids willing and eager learners, they are often open and relaxed — and ready to welcome Christ into their hearts. ABWE in St. Lucia desperately needs a camp ministry leader to develop a fun and enriching activities program for kids and teens of all ages. If you have a passion for connecting with kids and the experience to lead a team, there is a role in St. Lucia for you.

As camp ministry leader, you will:

  • Develop and manage activities and programs that inspire St. Lucia’s kids and teens to participate in church activities
  • Create culturally appropriate learning materials that help campers develop spiritually
  • Bring experience teaching or leading a successful camp ministry program
  • Be a source of spiritual support for campers and their family members, encourage deep discussions about faith, and answer tough questions about God
  • Build trusting, loving relationships with the families who entrust their children into your care, and welcome them into the church

The Impact

Many committed Christians remember camp as their first positive exposure to the gospel. You can provide St. Lucia’s families with the same experience while opening their eyes and hearts to the truth of Scripture. Give a child and their family the opportunity for spiritual growth they need and join a growing and vibrant ministry.

Not sure if you are a perfect fit?

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