Children’s Ministry Leaders

Mediterranean & Middle East

The Position

What better way to marry a passion for ministry with a love for teaching the next generation than by joining ABWE as a children’s ministry leader? With ABWE in the Mediterranean, you’ll build trust and share God’s message of love and hope with local families.

A children’s ministry leader, will also:

  • Study in the Mediterranean as a full-time student, as all missionaries must live under a student visa
  • Bring your experience with children’s ministry to the Mediterranean, as well as gifts for education, innovation, leadership and organization
  • Take the time to develop relationships with local families and provide children’s programs that meet their practical needs
  • Set a good example for the church’s youngest believers by living an authentic Christian life
  • Help to create programs that complement the church’s goals

The Need

The Mediterranean is comprised of people from all walks of life. Refugees and immigrants have resettled in this region hoping for a better life. These people have walked a life of strife, and they can benefit greatly from hearing God’s message of hope and love. Thankfully, the Mediterranean is also home to a growing number of churches — churches that need our support. ABWE’s team in the Mediterranean is looking for faithful disciples who can continue spreading God’s light in the region and train others to do the same. The opportunities to effect change in the area are great, from children’s ministry to discipleship and theological training. Won’t you join us in the lands where Jesus walked? Together, we can transform the lives and hearts of the people of the Mediterranean.

The Impact

Our church’s children are the spiritual leaders of tomorrow, and you have the opportunity to make a lasting impression through ministry. The region is packed with people who are desperate for a message of hope and love! If you enjoy working with kids, have experience in children’s ministry and feel God calling you to missions work, ABWE wants to talk to you.

Join ABWE in the Mediterranean and make a difference today.

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