Children’s Ministries

Trinidad and Tobago

The Position

Ministering to the needs of children is one of the most effective ways to share Jesus’s love with the world. In Trinidad and Tobago (T&T), there is a tremendous need for a children’s ministry leader to bring the message of Jesus Christ to the youngest members of the community. In this rewarding role, you’ll marry your gift for engaging children with your deep knowledge of Scripture, and change lives for eternity.

As a children’s ministry leader, you will:

  • Bring your past experience working with kids and teens to T&T, where you’ll have the opportunity to permanently influence untold numbers of lives
  • Have a talent for organization, innovation and leadership, and be able to work with limited resources while putting together a fun and engaging children’s program
  • Demonstrate a sound grasp of Scripture, and be able to answer difficult questions about faith and beliefs in a way that is easily relatable for children and teens
  • Share your testimony, and set an excellent example as to what living an authentically Christian lifestyle looks like
  • Develop weekly programs, summer camps and other activities that complement what the adults are learning about in church

The Need

Helping in what God is doing in Trinidad and Tobago doesn’t mean you need to be perfect. You simply need to be focused on others. Everywhere you turn in T&T, you’ll find the worldly temptations that lead His followers astray. Substance abuse, unstable families and a high crime rate have become social norms. With ABWE, you can help create an environment where spirituality occurs not only in thought but also in practice. By reaching younger nationals, we can help people make God-honoring choices and live lives worthy of Him.

The Impact

As Children’s Ministry Leader, you’ll have the opportunity to introduce T&T’s kids to a brand new way of living. You’ll introduce them to a fun and rewarding life that’s free from drugs and crime, and show them why committing to Christ is the only true path to salvation. Imagine how God will influence the leaders of tomorrow through these ministries! As the children in your church grow and flourish, they’ll remember you as they began their spiritual journey — and that means you’ll have played an essential role in forming the lives of future generations.


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