Church Planter


The Position

ABWEGO Uruguay is looking for motivated, self-starters who are excited to be involved in various aspects of the birth and growth of a new church. We’re praying for families and individuals that God is calling to work within a team on a brand new field where day to day activities may range from a coffee shop meeting to an afternoon in the park making new friends, from an in-home bible study to a neighborhood cookout. In planting a new church there are many needs to fill, such as organizational, musical, educational, and leadership development, as well as others. If you’ve ever served in your local church then you may understand some of the potential challenges and rewards. Previous church planting experience and biblical education are valued extras, but a willing heart that’s obedient to the Lord is a must.

The Need

Uruguay is unique in many ways, one of which is its religious statistics. states that “Uruguay is the most secularised nation in South America, and has the highest percentage of agnostics and atheists in the Western Hemisphere. Uruguay ranks sixth on the list of the least religious countries in the world.” Though Catholicism is ranked as the predominant religion, it appears through everyday conversations that this is very generational. By far the majority of people that we’ve spoken with under 40 years of age have little to no knowledge of any religion and tend heavily toward the casual acceptance of various new age beliefs. There is a dire need for doctrinally sound, bible teaching churches to be planted in Uruguay for the purpose of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and living in a way that demonstrates his love to the Uruguayan people.

Ministry Focuses

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