Church Planter Supporter


The Position

As a church planter, you will work with existing churches to expand their influence in the community and provide support to church members and fellow ABWE teammates in this challenging yet rewarding land.

As a church planter, you will:

  • Work with existing churches to share the truth of the gospel in one of the most spiritually dark places in the world
  • Build relationships in the community that are deep, meaningful and sincere — and that encourage discussions about faith
  • Explain your personal testimony, as well as more about the evangelical church, as many Japanese have never even heard of Jesus Christ
  • Bring an energy for missions, a dedication to the Lord and the patience to persevere in your life every day
  • Inspire others to join the church by living a loving, authentically Christian lifestyle

The Need

Of the 126 billion people in Japan, less than 1 percent know Jesus Christ. In fact, many have never met a Christian or touched a Bible. There are even people who have never heard of Christ. The few churches that exist in the region are fading, as they are small with aging leadership and members. Additionally, the amount of Japanese missionaries continues to decline. While the outlook seems bleak, you can share your innovative ideas and use your God-given people skills to build key relationships, partnerships that uplift the community and bring lasting change.

The Impact

In Japan, the ABWE missions team has come to accept that sharing the Truth is painstaking. But by committing to spreading the gospel one person at a time, you can influence the eternal lives. The people of Japan and your ABWE teammates desperately need your help. If you believe you have a God-given talent for innovation and thriving and inspiring others in challenging environments, welcome to ABWE in Japan.

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