Church Planters


The Position

Are you an educated, spiritually mature believer who prefers working in the background to share the gospel? If so, then you may be a good fit with the ABWE missions team in Norway. As a church planter in Norway, you’ll help Norwegian couples and singles in the Oslo, Drammen and Stavanger areas.

As a church planter in Norway, you will:

  • Enjoy working with others as part of a team, as Norwegians value cooperation immensely
  • Demonstrate patience, adaptability and excellent listening skills
  • Be able to lead without having to dominate or be “up front”
  • Share your deep knowledge of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus, facilitating discussions about faith
  • Have a heart for ministry and a passion for sharing the gospel
  • Show an interest in working with Norwegians as well as people from around the world

The Need

Over the past 60 years, theological liberalism and the charismatic movement have affected Norway’s church. There is also growing materialism and secularism. The good news is that God has raised a new generation of faithful believers who are passionate about the gospel! ABWE’s goal is to help these church members share the Word of God with those who have open hearts. You’ll work with national partners who provide opportunities in campus evangelism, youth ministry and support for existing congregations who are struggling. The opportunity to reach Norwegians is great — will you answer the call?

The Impact

As a church planter in the Oslo, Drammen or Stavanger areas, you can influence incredible numbers of families, couples and singles. In addition to church planting, ABWE needs help with pastor mentorship, theological training, family counseling, evangelism, campus outreach and discipleship, and youth ministry. Join ABWE in Norway to make a lasting difference.

Ministry Focuses

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