Church Planters

Saint Lucia

The Position

Do you have a gift for evangelism, a heart for missions work, and the desire to help new believers gather to become a church? If so, we have a desperate need for you to help underserved communities in St. Lucia.

As a Church Planter, you will:

  • Provide leadership and support to national servant-leaders who are ready to build a community to serve Christ
  • Build authentic relationships based on trust, respect and love for Christ
  • Suggest and lead activities that will encourage conversations about faith, and sow the seeds for evangelism and discipleship
  • Live an authentically Christian lifestyle by setting an excellent example for others in the community
  • Demonstrate patience and commitment to the mission, while having a heart filled with love for Christ and the people who serve Him


Not sure if you are a perfect fit?

You don't have to be! Learn how we can train you or tailor this need to suit your skills and passions.