Church Planters


The Position

Have you ever thought about the impact your life could make serving in Mexico? Our team is seeking missionaries for our multi-faceted church-planting ministry. We need church-planting partners burdened to work alongside Mexican believers to train and assist them in planting new churches in Mexico City, Queretaro, and Monterrey. We need individuals trained and experienced in discipleship, evangelism, and every facet of ministry involved in the local church.

The Need

Some people are scared of the idea of living, working, and serving in Mexico since it’s been highlighted internationally for outbreaks of drug cartel related violence, rise in petty and violent crime, corruption in nearly every sector of life, and great civil unrest.

To be sure, Mexico is facing a national crisis of insecurity and uncertainty. But those very circumstances have rattled Mexicans to their core and are making them reconsider the important issues in life. Many Mexicans have relocated to the major cities, fleeing violently overrun rural areas. Most are seeking a total change for their lives. They are questioning traditions they once held as truth and are more open than ever to accept the news of the one Truth capable of radically changing their lives.

The Impact

ABWE has already planted two churches in the mega city of Mexico City and aided in the planting of two more. Missionaries on ground have already begun the initial work of a new church plant in the northern outskirts of Mexico City and in the city of Queretaro. We are also set to enter Monterrey in 2018. A Bible Training Center will also launch in 2016 as a place where Mexicans can receive hands-on training, mentoring, and teaching to equip them to minister in this massive city.

Church planting is not easy, but we are convinced that planting local churches where Mexicans can hear the gospel of Christ, be discipled and taught to live a new life through Christ, and trained to reach their own country is the best way to reach Mexico today. Consider the impact your life could make in Mexico today. The need is huge and it is urgent. If you are hard-working, driven, and ready to take on an overwhelming task, if you have a teachable spirit willing to serve in a team environment, and if your love for Christ asks you to sacrificially live in an unstable and hard environment, then consider serving in Mexico. We are praying you do.

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