Church Revitalization

The United Kingdom

The Position

We are looking for missionaries to join our team and to partner with established local churches that are in need of revitalisation. In this ministry you will be settling into a community and church, seeking to share the hope of the gospel.

Included in this work is the joy of:

  • Working alongside national believers to strengthen a church that is currently struggling
  • Helping the church to reignite the light that they are in the community by building relationships with non-Christians, sharing the gospel and engaging in discipleship
  • Seeing healthy church established in places where there is little gospel witness
  • Networking with others to see missions movements spread throughout the UK

The Need

While there are countless churches throughout the UK, many are struggling or have even closed their doors. This has left communities with little to no gospel witness. In many of these churches, there is a need for committed leadership, to not only teach the gospel but to cast a vision for faithful ministry in the years ahead.

The Impact

Church Revitalization is often slow and requires much patience. But there is great joy in seeing the Lord work in places that are seemingly dead spiritually. In spite of the myriad of challenges, the truth of Christ’s words remains, ‘for I have not found your works complete in the sight of my God.’

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