Community Outreach Coordinators

Czech Republic

The Position

As a community outreach coordinator with ABWE in the Czech Republic, you’ll develop meaningful relationships that will welcome residents into our church community. The community outreach coordinator helps existing church members and ABWE teammates create and plan fun events designed to encourage believers and nonbelievers.

The community outreach coordinator will:

  • Bring outstanding administration skills and exciting ideas for creating fun and engaging activities in a warm and welcoming atmosphere
  • Engage community members in thought-provoking conversations about faith and God
  • Answer questions about Jesus and testify to how having a personal relationship with Christ changes lives for the better
  • Build and sustain the interest of the community in the church with patience, joyful sharing and perseverance
  • Set an excellent example for the Czech community by living an authentically Christian life

The Need

The Czech Republic is the most nonreligious nation on Earth. Most citizens — 84 percent — deny the existence of God entirely, and less than 1 percent of the population identify themselves as Christian. Although Czech citizens are skeptical, their willingness to engage with missions is incredible. Czech citizens are open and friendly, eager to talk about attitudes of faith and grace. If you sense God calling you to a new direction in life — and you are passionate about the gospel and living in an authentically Christian way — then ABWE and the people of the Czech Republic need you.

The Impact

The opportunity to reach nonbelievers in the Czech Republic is great. Some of ABWE’s most successful ministries include vacation Bible camp, English language learning classes, weekly Bible study and other community events. The Czech people are willing to listen if you can provide convincing testimony to the beauty and sanctity of God’s message. Are you ready to help meet the spiritual needs of the Czech people?

Join ABWE and make a difference in the Czech Republic.

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