The Position

ABWE’s Middle Eastern team needs workers who can use both secular and ministry platforms as tools for developing relationships, meeting practical needs and sharing truth in creative-access countries.

Compassion workers will:

  • Bring compassion and a natural love for people that opens opportunities to learn about the truth
  • Demonstrate patience as students ask difficult questions, and be prepared to explain the differences between Islam, Judaism and Christianity with expertise
  • Learn the local language
  • Have practical experience in business, or demonstrate a spirit for entrepreneurship

The Need

Many people in the Middle East misunderstand the message of Christianity and have had few opportunities to hear the truth of the gospel. Continued unrest have forced many to leave their homes, but God is using these hardships to open new doors for conversation and authentic relationships. Our workers have been given an important opportunity to share God’s love in creative-access countries — where there is a tremendous need for compassion, counseling, and practical skills to meet the needs of suffering people.

The Impact

As compassion worker, God has given you an amazing opportunity to influence those living in creative-access countries. Whether you’re answering questions about scripture, assisting with food distribution or working in a business in the community, you’ll shine a light among those closest to you every day. It is true that obvious signs of instant success are few and far between, but that is why this our team needs teammates who can stay patient. If you are interested in this challenging, but eternally rewarding work, we want to speak with you.

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