The Position

Do you have a passion for using God’s word to heal the broken hearted, confront sin, and comfort those who are suffering? Have you found yourself already counseling individuals, families, or teams with God’s Word? Do you delight in helping people put off the old “man”, renew their mind, and put on the “new man”? Our team is looking for flexible, relational, open-minded and self-starting families, professionals, grads and/or interns with a passion for biblical counseling.

We seek individuals who will come alongside Brazilians and wisely apply the truths of God’s Word to the broken areas of life so counselees can begin to see healing and restoration, and enjoy the freedom and hope God has for them through his Word.

The Need

About 75 percent of Brazilians identify as Catholic. In the last three decades Brazil has also grown to be the largest Pentecostal nation of the world. Only four percent of the 200 million people claim to be non-Pentecostal Evangelical believers. In Southern Brazil, less than two percent of people identify as Christians.

In 2015, the nation of Brazil entered into a widespread economic crisis. The financial recession is real, crime is high, and the overall morale, at times, can be very low. We are praying that God will use this difficulty to soften hearts, open eyes to the Gospel and give many hope in desperate times. The suicide rate in southern Brazil is four times the national average. Will you join us for God’s glory?

Counselors will partner with missionaries and Brazilian nationals to share the gospel, plant and multiply local churches, train leaders, and ultimately, assist Brazilians to continue fulfilling the Great Commission by sending out their own people as missionaries.

The Impact

Use your gift of biblical counseling on the mission field to bring the gospel and healing to hurting people. Whether it’s broken relationships, addictive behaviors, or overwhelming emotions, people need biblical counselors, to come alongside them and apply the truths of God’s Word to the broken areas of their lives. That’s the essence of Biblical counseling, and it’s desperately needed in southern Brazil. Come help change someone’s life, someone’s family, or a work team for their good and for God’s glory.

Ministry Focuses

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