The Position

Our Jamaica team needs trained, qualified Biblical Counselors to serve the churches of Jamaica. While many in Jamaica claim to be Christian, the nation is full of broken homes and people. The churches of Jamaica need to offer hope to the nation through counseling that will truly offer promise of real change.

As a counselor, you will need:

  • To demonstrate the training and experience necessary to provide care to those suffering from marital or family problems, physical or sexual assault, or abuse.
  • To incorporate your counseling through an understanding of the cultural norms and structures of Jamaica.
  • To live as a committed Christian, and set an excellent example that church members want to follow.
  • To be willing to train Jamaicans to carry on and expand the counseling work throughout the island.

The Need

Jamaica has set the record for the most churches per square mile of any nation in the world. However, the doors of most churches are only open for set worship services. The people of Jamaica do not see the church as the source of hope and change for their lives and the culture reflects this despair. The churches of Jamaica desperately need to be shown how the gospel offers hope not just for eternity but to live this life in the joy and hope of the gospel.

The Impact

By working through the local churches of Jamaica, not only will you have the opportunity to change people’s lives one-on-one, but you will also have the opportunity to change the perspective of the nation to the church. By so training and equipping the churches to counsel, you can see the churches become a beacon of light for the hurting and suffering people of Jamaica.

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