The Position

The ABWE North Africa team is looking for someone who loves a challenge, and has a God-given talent for the English language and education. The people of this region have a strong desire for English language training, but an even greater need to hear the truth of Scripture.

As an English teacher, you will:

  • Demonstrate the skills and experience that will allow legitimate entry into a country
  • Develop authentic, trusting relationships with students so that conversations about faith and beliefs happen naturally
  • Have a heart for ministry and the flexibility while removing the obstacles that hinder the spread of the Gospel
  • Live an authentically Christian lifestyle so that you set a good example for others at all times
  • Be brave, wise, and thoughtful

TEOFL or other certifications is not necessary for short term ministry. Being a native English speaker willing to dialogue in English is enough to start.


  • One or two substitute ESL teachers. No prior training or experience is necessary. The classes are well-outlined and planned.

The Need

ABWE’s North Africa team works in a region where the grip of Islam is strong. There are few believers. Accessing North Africa is difficult unless you can bring a special skill such as medicine or education. There are few places on Earth more desperate for Christ. ABWE needs resourceful, bold, and smart missionaries who can practically share Jesus’ love with the people of North Africa.

The Impact

The foundation of faith is understanding, and the foundation of understanding is education. As a teacher missionary, you have the unique opportunity to use their classroom as place of ministry. Along with teaching about grammar and algebra, they are able to disciple their students and point them to the ultimate teacher: Jesus. The world needs more teachers like you because we firmly believe a biblically-based education is integral in raising up strong followers of Christ.

Not sure if you are a perfect fit?

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