English Tutors


The Position

Do you have a skill for English language learning, a passion to share your testimony and a desire to be challenged? ABWE Poland needs your help! As an English tutor, you’ll work with existing church plants to make an impact in the community. Poland desperately needs mature believers who can live alongside church members and share the story of hope!

As an English tutor, you will:

  • Demonstrate patience and skill for teaching English to students of all ages and walks of life
  • Encourage discussions about faith and beliefs by sharing Bible stories during tutoring sessions
  • Explain the differences between the evangelical church and the Roman Catholic church, and particularly the attitudes of grace and good works
  • Share your personal testimony and assist church plants with spreading the truth of the gospel
  • Set an example for your students and the community by living an authentically Christian lifestyle
  • Have a heart for missions work, the patience to persevere and the energy to succeed

The Need

Evangelical Missions Quarterly once reported that Poland had the greatest need for church planting missionaries. With fewer than 170 missionaries to reach a population of nearly 39 million people, there is only one missionary for every 1 million residents. Of Poland’s 2,500 counties, 2,219 have no evangelical presence of any kind. ABWE works with two church plants in northern Poland. A Polish pastor noted, “We just do not have enough believers to do the work that needs to be done here.” In Poland, the opportunity to make a significant spiritual impact on her people is great. If you believe God has given you the gift of evangelism, ABWE can use you in Poland.

The Impact

ABWE believes that English tutoring is an effective way to connect with people who might otherwise never pass through the doors of a church. As an English tutor and passionate believer, you can influence untold numbers of Polish by sharing His message of faith and grace! If you are motivated for missions work and wish to share your personal testimony through teaching, ABWE in Poland is the right fit for you.

Join ABWE in Poland and be a part of what God is doing in Europe.

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