The Position

Guinea, officially the Republic of Guinea, is a coastal country in West Africa. Formerly known as French Guinea, the modern country is sometimes referred to as Guinea-Conakry after its capital Conakry, to distinguish it from other territories in the eponymous region such as Guinea-Bissau and Equatorial Guinea.

Team member profiles:

  • New members need to know how to work together and how to make decisions that all will work on.
  • DiSC profiles: High I/D for early leadership as there will need to be a lot of people interaction with lots of questions asked and then follow-up early connections.
  • DiSC profiles: I/C or C/I for follow-up and action steps while continuing to expand our knowledge base.
  • DiSC profiles: C/S for ongoing initial Bible studies/discussions and government follow-up on registration initiation.
  • Other workers willing to work together and tackle needed tasks.
  • Team Leader/Initiator with field experience.

The Need

The Fulani unreached people extend from the west coast of Africa all the way into South Sudan, numbering more than 40 million. They spend their lives as semi-nomads, herding their cattle in and out of their local regions as the rains come and go. Other Fulani are teachers, doctors, lawyers and government officials. They are also businessmen and small shop owners. The Fulani are in all walks of life, opening countless opportunities for contact with the gospel.

Relationship building with this people group could include literacy training, after school tutoring, ESL, or simple evangelistic outreaches in homes and churches. There are many ways to use your giftings and abilities in order to connect and reach the Fulani. Relationships will take time to develop, and life on life

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