Language Resource Supervisor

The Gambia

The Position

Has the Lord gifted you with training or skills in education, language or translation? Do you have a burden for people to hear and study the gospel in their heart language? Then we want you on our Gambian field team. Join us in intentionally and strategically investing in the core ministry of the Great Commission by being a key part of our rural ministry team and helping to facilitate local language learning. Through this position you will provide resources to empower missionaries to learn language practically and independently. You can be an integral part of raising up lifelong language learners. Our desire is to provide a strategic language and culture learning program for those seeking to share the gospel to the Wolof and Fulani people groups around the world and we need your help to grow this program.

The Need

The unreached people groups of the Wolof and the Fulani are present in over a dozen countries throughout the world and less than 2% are Evangelical Christians with over 90% being Muslim. While in many countries English, Portuguese or French are the official languages a willingness to learn their heart language and culture is necessary to minister to their spiritual needs. Evangelical resources are available in Wolof and Fulani, but we need workers like you to help get these into the hands of those who want to hear and to equip workers around the world to share the gospel with a people group who are hungry for the truth of the gospel.

The Impact

For over 25 years our rural ministry center has had a thriving adult literacy and translation ministry as well as a language and culture learning center for training missionaries in Wolof and Fulani in order to mobilize them in The Gambia and beyond to share the gospel. Coming to The Gambia with your knowledge and skills, you will become an integral part in equipping workers around the world to share the gospel in the Wolof and Fulani heart languages. We need more people with a heart for language learning like you, so that we can respond to the growing hunger for the truth in West Africa and beyond.

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