The Position

We are constantly praying for people who have a desire to share the gospel in the Middle East. The Middle East desperately needs committed Christians who have a heart for practical ministry and the confidence to answer tough questions about faith. If you are considering missions — and you have a gift for teaching and the passion for challenge — there is a place on ABWE’s Middle East missions team waiting for you.

The leadership trainer will:

  • Teach scripture and share God’s love with ministry trainers and local church leaders, accurately and patiently, and with the expertise only a true leader can provide
  • Bring an outstanding grasp of Scripture and theological understanding to your role, answering difficult questions with accuracy and confidence
  • Understand that the needs are many but the resources are few in the Middle East, and be prepared to pitch in and help whenever necessary
  • Expertly explain the differences between belief systems in a patient and welcoming way
  • Learn the local language, so that communicating and building trust is easier
  • Have a heart for ministering to a people whose homeland has been scarred by violence, poverty, and a lack of understanding of Christianity

The Need

Many Muslims misunderstand the message of Christianity and have had few opportunities to hear the true Word of God. Continued unrest have forced many to leave their homes, but God is using these hardships to open new doors for the gospel. Our missionaries have been given an important opportunity to share God’s love in the Middle East, where 98 percent of the population is Muslim. There is a tremendous need for compassion, counseling, and practical skills in order to reach the hearts of people in the Middle East with the hope of Jesus Christ.

The Impact

There are few positions that can make the spiritual impact that ministry leader can. You’ll share the story of hope with community, while also providing for the practical needs of the community at large. You’ll live in peace among others who may not share your views, but by doing so, you will demonstrate the greatness of God.

Not sure if you are a perfect fit?

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