Leadership Trainers

Saint Lucia

The Position

As a leadership trainer, you’ll work with St. Lucia’s nationals to create and sustain strong ministries that serve the practical and spiritual needs of God’s people. If you have a passion for sharing Christ, the heart for missions work and the talent to lead, ABWE needs your help in St. Lucia.

As a church development leader, you will:

  • Help servant-leaders develop their skills and inspire them to greater service
  • Help ABWE teammates and St. Lucian nationals create programs and activities that encourage the church toward evangelism and discipleship
  • Assist with practical skills such as budgeting, planning, marketing and organization
  • Share your personal testimony, answer questions about the Bible and faith, and set an excellent example by living an authentically Christian lifestyle.
  • Develop meaningful relationships in the community that build trust and develop relationships within the community


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