Literacy Teachers

Saint Lucia

The Position

Our St. Lucia team needs a qualified, experienced English teacher to work with nationals who struggle with literacy. As part of our team, you will play an important role in community outreach ministries. If you’ve ever felt led to share your love for Jesus with those who don’t yet know him, and you have the experience necessary to teach English effectively, we need your help in St. Lucia.

As an English teacher, you will:

  • Help illiterate and semi-literate nationals learn to read and write, and give them the practical skills they need to improve their own lives
  • Develop authentic, trusting relationships with students and their family members so that natural discussions about faith may develop
  • Work patiently and consistently, with a good attitude, and demonstrate a heart for missions work
  • Create lesson plans, work with ABWE teammates and assimilate into St. Lucia’s culture
  • Offer your testimony and live a Christian lifestyle

The Need

There is a tremendous need to reach spiritually needy people in the underdeveloped island nation of St. Lucia. There is much to be done, and not enough workers to do it. Won’t you bring your God-given skills and abilities to us and make an impact that will change lives forever?

Ministry Focuses

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