Construction Assistance in Various Trades


The Position

  • Finish Carpentry Supervision – Skills necessary to design and fabricate cabinets, doors and other finish work items. Ability to oversee and schedule national workers in the carpentry shop
  • Construction Supervision – Overall understanding of new and renovation construction including, foundations, masonry, steel truss fabrication, plumbing, electrical and finishing work. Ability to oversee and schedule the construction of one or more buildings and work with national and volunteer teams.
  • Masonry Supervision – Skills necessary to oversee making of concrete blocks, construction of masonry walls on buildings. Ability to work with and supervise national and volunteer teams.

The Need

GO|Construction is seeking multiple people to fill the need for carpenters, general construction oversite and masonry work oversite. Knowledge and experience in one of the needed areas of assistance is essential.

The Impact

The ABWE Togo team has been spreading the gospel and making disciples in Togo since 1974. We’ve seen many lives changed by God’s word and the Holy Spirit. Please consider strengthening our team by joining with us in pursuit of the ministry that God has provided for us in Togo.

Ministry Focuses

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