The Position

The Durban team is looking for a media specialist to promote fund raising for a church building project for Crossroads Community of Christ through audio video. Making and updating church and ministry websites would be appreciated. We also need help to coordinate ministry posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube with fellow missionaries. There are many church activities that could be better supported and outreach events to encourage. The ideal candidate is a disciple-maker who works well with the team. It is not a requirement to learn a foreign language in order to minister in Durban.

The Need

In South Africa there is poverty, disease, crime, and spiritual darkness. From much-needed racial reconciliation, to an influx of new religions being combined with ancient superstitions and the increase of Islam, South Africa desperately needs the reconciling truth of the gospel.

We need you to partner with South African locals on the ground to share God’s love, assist planting and multiply local churches, train leaders, and ultimately, help South Africans to continue fulfilling the Great Commission by sending out their own people as missionaries. Will you join us?

The Impact

Use your media communications skills on the mission field. Whether it is through writing, videography, social media, or publishing Christian resources, missionaries need help telling their stories, challenging their audiences, and encouraging the Body of Christ.

Ministry Focuses

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