Ministry Trainers


The Position

As a ministry trainer, you’ll lead believers who want to teach the truth of the gospel in their communities. You’ll also bring innovative ideas, a willingness to stay positive in a tough environment and the ability to build meaningful relationships. You will also:

  • Partner with Japan’s existing evangelical churches to identify the servant-leaders of tomorrow
  • Demonstrate an exceptional grasp of Scripture and outstanding communication skills
  • Assimilate into Japanese culture and build local friendships without losing focus
  • Have a heart for missions work, a patient attitude and the energy to persevere every day
  • Share your personal testimony

The Need

While Japan’s population is great, its number of Christians is not. Of the 126 million people in the country, less than 1 percent have accepted Christ as their personal Savior. Worse yet, many Japanese have never seen a Bible, met a Christian or even heard of Christ. The meager number of churches in the country is quickly declining as leadership and congregations age. With everything else, Japanese ministries are leaving the country. While the outlook is bleak, the opportunity to make a difference is vast.

The Impact

If you are searching for a spiritual challenge, you have an extraordinary opportunity waiting for you in Japan. The number of missionaries working in Japan continues to dwindle, but imagine the impact you can have on the eternal lives of those you reach! In Japan, ABWE’s missions team accepts that progress comes one person at a time. You can strengthen Japan’s existing churches by training the leaders of tomorrow and influencing the eternal lives of everyone you meet.

Ministry Focuses

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