The Position

With one physician for every 32,000 people, the need for an obstetrician/gynecologist on the Ethiopian ABWE mission team is great. As an OB/GYN with ABWE, you can provide quality healthcare to women as part of a diverse team of professionals who believe medicine and discipleship is a way of life. In Ethiopia, you can channel your love for Jesus by using your medical skills to invest in the future of some of Africa’s most desperate families.

As an OB/GYN in Ethiopia, you will be able to:

  • Bring a minimum of two years of work experience to a diverse team of healthcare professionals who love God, the Ethiopian people and each other
  • Provide inpatient and outpatient gynecology services
  • Share in the joy of welcoming new babies into the world
  • Teach medical students and resident physicians the best techniques and practices
  • Disciple the next generation of physicians

The Need

The Soddo Christian Hospital (SCH) is in southwestern Ethiopia and needs a second full-time OB/GYN. The country’s population of almost 100 million desperately needs more healthcare providers, especially in rural areas, and Ethiopia suffers from a high infant and maternal mortality rate. SCH is a ten-year-old facility whose staff seeks to share the message of Christ. With your assistance, we can help the Ethiopian government encourage mothers to deliver their babies in hospitals and birthing centers, while reducing unnecessary deaths — all while spreading the truth of the gospel.

The Impact

As an OB/GYN at SCH, you can provide competent and compassionate medical care to desperate women while training Ethiopia’s next generation of physicians. You’ll reflect the love of the Great Physician as you mentor students and residents to provide the gift of better health. Mentoring and discipling is tightly woven into the DNA of our hospital. Graduates of this program are now providing necessary medical care to women in remote regions around the country.

Ministry Focuses

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