Online Education Assistance


The Position

In this role, individuals skilled with online education would help experienced professors at the Bible College to adapt and get their classes online for use throughout the Caribbean.

The Need

Our goal is to assist in preparing the next generation of Jamaicans to impact their world for Christ through the ministry of Fairview Baptist Bible College, a school established to train competent, compassionate, effective servant leaders for the ministry of Christ in the local churches of Jamaica, the Caribbean, and the world.

However, both Fairview and many other colleges throughout the Caribbean are struggling to stay open. This will affect the future of the churches throughout the region as good theological education will become difficult or expensive. But there are pastors who have been teaching in traditional classrooms for many years who lack the expertise to translate their good content into an online format. The need is for individuals experienced with online education to sit with these pastors and assist them with the arduous process of putting their expertise online for the entire region to use.

The Impact

This effort, while behind the scenes, is vital for the future of training throughout the entire Caribbean. This work will enable both pastors and their churches to effectively train up their future leaders while keeping them nearby for discipleship and active ministry. Through this work, an entire region of the world can be mobilized as a missions force to reach the rest of the world.

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