Pilots and/or Mechanics in Colombia


The Position

ABWE is looking for ambitious pilots and mechanics to launch a new and exciting aviation ministry in Colombia! Missionaries will use the airplane predominantly to travel to remote areas throughout the country to provide evangelism and discipleship training to indigenous pastors with limited theological education or pastoral experience. Once sufficiently trained, missionaries will then accompany these pastors and church leaders to plant churches among unreached villages with no established churches.

ABWE’s Pilot Qualifications

The Need

While 94% of Colombians have a Christian religious background, only 10% identify with evangelical faith. Sixty of the 96 people groups represented in Columbia today are considered unreached, and the missionaries who will be most effective at reaching these groups are Colombian believers themselves.

The Impact

The best way to help fulfill the Great Commission in Colombia is to partner with local pastors and train them to plant churches among unreached people groups in the country. We need pilots and mechanics to establish an aviation program that enables our missionaries to travel quickly and safely by air to remote parts of the country to provide evangelism and discipleship training to pastors. Will you join our team?

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