The Position

If you are a committed Christian, have a talent for languages and believe God calls you to take a new direction in life, ABWE needs your help. Our Mediterranean missions team needs a resource translator for discipleship and translation work. As a resource translator, you will work with Mediterranean nationals to translate ABWE’s The Story of Hope and The Way to Joy. You’ll also assist in translating Bible lessons and booklets for distribution.

As a resource translator, you will:

  • Use your God-given talent for languages, especially English, Russian, Spanish and local Semitic languages
  • Need the resources to study as a full-time student in the Mediterranean, where only students can receive long-term visas
  • Use available materials to help your ABWE’s teammates lead small discussion groups
  • Ideally demonstrate graphic design skills, although this is not a necessity
  • Demonstrate a passion for missions work, a love of people and patient determination to persevere
  • Be willing to share your personal testimony as you engage community members in meaningful discussions about faith and grace

The Need

The Mediterranean comprises people from all walks of life as immigrants and refugees make up a large percentage of the population. These people need God’s message of love and hope as they work to overcome challenges, seeking asylum or citizenship. As the number of churches in the region grows, our ABWE missions team needs support. We’re looking for believers and leaders in Christ to spread His message and train those with open hearts. There are many ways you can make a difference, from theological training and discipleship to children’s ministry. This is the land where Jesus walked, and it’s ripe for saving. If you’re hearing God calling you to service, won’t you join us in the Mediterranean to make a positive impact on a countless number of lives?

The Impact

As a resource translator, you have the opportunity to forever influence the lives of church members and new believers by eliminating a common barrier to evangelism: language. Your valuable language skills can provide untold numbers of people with the inspiration they need to accept the truth of the gospel! You’ll work with people from all walks of life and fulfill God’s plan for your destiny as you share the Word of God. Isn’t it time you put your God-given ability to use for His glory?

Join ABWE in the Mediterranean and change lives today.

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