The Position

ABWE’s international Christian school in North Africa has a tremendous need for a trained and experienced school nurse to provide excellent care in a multicultural environment. Our school, which has served the region’s tent-making families and international students for 20 years, blends an American-style curriculum with the rich history and culture of North Africa. As school nurse, you’ll support our Christ-centered mission as you share your skills and experience, and help the school achieve its vision and mission.

As school nurse, you will:

  • Bring your B.S.N, or Registered Nurse with bachelor’s degree, to work in North Africa
  • Have experience in public health, community health or school health nursing
  • Approach healthcare with a flexible attitude that respects cultural approaches while providing the best service possible
  • Teach healthcare classes to parents, staff members and students using a practical approach
  • Be a committed Christian with a natural love for people and a desire to fulfill God’s mission for your life

The Need

North Africa lies within the 10/40 Window, which is a region named after its location between 10 degrees and 40 degrees north of the equator. It contains many unreached people groups and has governments hostile to Christianity. But through God’s grace, doors are opening in North Africa that were once firmly shut. Violence, poverty, and struggle permeate life in North Africa, leaving its people in desperate need of Jesus’ hope. As an ABWE teammate in North Africa, you’ll provide vital services to the region’s residents who desperately needs someone to show them the patience, warmth, and love of Jesus Christ.

The Impact

Many North Africans are Muslims who have a deep misunderstanding of the Lord and Scripture. ABWE’s mission is to welcome the region’s residents through a practically sharing Jesus’ love. Through your medical expertise, you’ll provide students, teammates and family members with the ultimate gift: better health. You’ll influence countless families as you share your gifts and demonstrate your love for Christ every day. Please prayerfully consider joining our North Africa team.

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