Teacher (4th Grade)


The Position

Join the team at the Balkans S.T.E.A.M. School where you’ll minister to local children and their families through education.

The Need

The Balkans is ethnically diverse region with predominantly Muslim, Catholic and Orthodox beliefs. The land is rich with history, beauty and resources but the differences in religious beliefs have led to civil wars and disunity. Many people in the Balkans are at least familiar with the three dominant religions, but their familiarity with the true gospel is rare. As a teacher, you will play an important role in developing a community that will be open to the Word of Christ.

The Impact

ABWE first ministered in the Balkans by reaching out to the neighborhood children through sports. The region’s history includes hosting the Winter Olympics, so there is a natural interest in hockey, and the people are quite often athletic. ABWE brought a hockey stick and hockey balls. Before long our youth sports leaders began to influence children in a brand-new way. Today, those children are spreading the Word of God throughout the Balkans through similar outreach efforts — and you can do the same by teaching at this school.

As a teacher, you will enrich the community and join forces with church planters in the Balkans to share the love of Jesus.

Bring the light of God’s love to the Balkans and find out more about joining ABWE.

Ministry Focuses

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