Teachers and ESL Instructors

South Africa

The Position

South Africa has a variety of ways that teachers can be used to further the great commission in our schools and communities. Here are a few ways you can help:

  • We need certified teachers at ABWE’s Good Hope Christian (grades 1-7).
  • There are also opportunities available for those who love to teach and are willing to volunteer in government schools where the teachers are in need of assistance in the classroom.
  • There are 11 national languages in South Africa, and multiple nationalities among the country’s immigrants and refugees, making the need for English as a Second or Foreign Language (ESL/TEFL) a high priority. (Training is available in South Africa for those who are interested.)

The Need

South African schools are still open to the gospel and it’s a shame if we don’t take advantage of every opportunity available to reach the children in this country. Schools in the impoverished communities sometimes have a ration of up to 50 children to one teacher. These children can represent many languages, cultures and levels of education. Literacy is a problem and English education is a wonderful tool for reaching children (and illiterate adults!) with the gospel and empowering them to succeed in changing their lives.

The Impact

The opportunity to impact a child with the gospel by empowering them through means of a better education is huge because it creates a ripple effect, impacting not only their lives, but their families, their communities and churches. Ministering to teachers in the schools who appreciate all the help they can get shows the love of Christ in a practical and unforgettable way. Helping a child learn to communicate better is a way of showing love that touches the very core of who they are.

Ministry Focuses

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