Veterinarian Students/Veterinarian Technician


The Position

We are looking for veterinarians, veterinary technicians, or students in this field to serve in an NGO that uses veterinarian treatment and education to reach people from the cities to the most remote places in Mongolia. We are looking for people that can work with small animals (pets) or large animals (livestock). Based on knowledge or experience, there is opportunity to teach, coach or work alongside other veterinarians. There is great opportunity to disciple new Christians and initiate conversations about the gospel. There is opportunities to work in the city at the NGO facilities and also travel to the country side of Mongolia where there is a great need of veterinarian education among herders.

The Need

Mongolia was subject to strict communism while the Soviet Union was in power. This left the country for many years restricted to the gospel and to modern education in some areas like veterinarian work. Now that the country is open, there is a need for workers to show people about the good news. Mongolia has two sides – In the city you can find all the commodities and distractions of any modern city. Then, there is the countryside, where small towns are scattered around the entire country and nomadic families move with their livestock between the valleys, mountains, deserts and rivers. Many of them have never heard the name of Jesus. Will you come to tell them?

The Impact

In a country, where there are 10 times more sheep or goats than people, the need for qualified veterinarians is overwhelming. This presents a great opportunity for veterinarians to connect and help people in need. This country has a hard climate and raising animals are the most reliable source of food. Horses, goats, sheep, cattle, camels can be seen by the thousands when you leave the city.

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