Youth Ministry Leaders

Saint Lucia

The Position

Do you have an innate ability to reach kids, a gift for teaching, and a passion for missions work? If so, we have a place for you in St. Lucia, where our missions team desperately needs a youth ministry leader to inspire kids and teens in the community to follow Christ. ABWE has already accomplished much in St. Lucia, but there is still more to be done.

As a youth ministry leader, you will:

  • Develop fun and educational ministries that kids and teens want to participate in, and that provide an opportunity to talk about what faith and grace really means
  • Share your personal testimony and answer tough questions about faith
  • Develop meaningful and authentic relationships with family members who may not be a part of the church, and encourage them to join
  • Promote camp ministry marketing efforts, create culturally relevant ministry materials and help ABWE raise money for its programs
  • Bring a love for people, a heart for missions work and the patience to succeed in what can be a long and challenging process

The Need

There is a tremendous need to reach spiritually needy people in the underdeveloped island nation of St. Lucia. There is much to be done, and not enough workers to do it. Many nationals are untrained, but they are willing. If God has given you the gift of leadership, join us in St. Lucia, where God can make an eternal impact through your hands. No matter how you choose to help us, there is a place for you, as many different skills are required to plant churches and lead communities. God has won the hearts of some in St. Lucia, but many are still untouched. Won’t you bring your God-given skills and abilities to us, where you can make an impact that will change lives forever?

The Impact

One of the best times to reach new believers is during childhood, when hearts and minds are open. As youth ministry leader, you’ll have the opportunity to influence untold numbers of families in creative and enjoyable ways. You’ll develop meaningful and authentic relationships with the leaders of tomorrow, and welcome their families into communities of faith. For many, youth ministry is the first chance to know Jesus Christ.

Not sure if you are a perfect fit?

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