Youth Ministry Leaders


The Position

For many people, the teenage years are among the most challenging they’ll ever face. Worldly temptations, and not enough exposure to Scripture, lead many youths to make troubling choices. With ABWE in Ukraine, your work as Youth Ministry Leader can turn back the forces of darkness and lead teens into the light of Christ’s love.

As Youth Ministry Leader, you will:

  • Have experience creating and directing youth engagement programs that are fun, enriching and rewarding.
  • Give compassion and comfort to teens, many of whom have been negatively affected by the violence in the country, and set an excellent example of what it takes to live as a committed Christian.
  • Be able to relate the teachings of Scripture to the everyday lives of Ukrainian teens, answer difficult questions about God, and lead discussions that encourage faith in Christ.
  • Get to know the teens in the ministry program and develop authentic relationships that welcome them into the church.
  • Develop weekly programs and special activities that align with the current messaging goals of the church.

The Need

Unlike much of Eurasia, where religious intolerance and skepticism are rampant, Ukraine serves as a launching pad for missions movements in neighboring countries. The country’s civil war left thousands dead, millions more displaced and towns damaged. The spiritual and physical needs of Ukraine’s people are great, and God has opened the door to allow us to help. In Ukraine, our missionaries give nationals the practical and spiritual guidance they need to rebuild their lives with faith in Christ as the foundation. God’s church is growing in Ukraine and the opportunities are overflowing. We need your help.

The Impact

Your opportunity to make an impact in Ukraine is significant. You’ll work with families whose lives have been torn apart by war, and comfort them with the support only Jesus Christ can give. Imagine how many lives God can influence when you reach just one teen? Help us engage the leaders of tomorrow.

Not sure if you are a perfect fit?

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