Youth Ministry Leaders


The Position

If you enjoy connecting with adolescents, the ABWE team in Japan needs your help. ABWE needs leaders just like you who are passionate about Scripture and enjoy working with kids. As a youth ministry leader, you’ll welcome kids to the church with fun activities and important lessons that inspire meaningful conversations about faith.

Ministry leaders should also:

  • Bring a talent for working with teens and older kids to Japan, along with plenty of innovative ideas to draw them into the church community
  • Demonstrate organizational and managerial skills, while developing fun programs that complement what’s going on with the church
  • Work with existing churches to improve community outreach and inspire the leaders of tomorrow
  • Set a good example by living an authentically Christian lifestyle
  • Share the good news of the gospel, give your own testimony and be a resource for information on Jesus

The Need

The need in Japan has never been greater. Less than 1 percent of the 126-million population believes in Christ. More alarming is the fact that many Japanese have never spoken with a Christian, seen a Bible or heard of Christ. The few churches that do exist are facing significant challenges as their leadership and congregation ages. To add to the challenges, the number of Japanese missionaries is declining. The opportunity to make real change in the country is great.

The Impact

Japan’s churches are facing a difficult test. Missionaries are leaving the country, and many churches are in danger of closing. Japan needs new, young believers who can inspire their friends and loved ones to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior!

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