Volunteers and Trips

“I want to volunteer and help wherever I can.

(1 Week - 2 Months)

ABWE’s Launch Point mission trips are designed to connect you with our ABWE teams and ministries around the world in a meaningful, life-changing way.

Our desire is to create short-term trips with long-term impact – trips that inspire you, your team, your church, or your family to get involved in missions work designed to challenge your heart and serve real needs on the mission field.

Whether this is your first missions trip or you are a missions veteran, there are countless ways you can live out the gospel through a transformative trip with Launch Point.

Launch Point participants can engage alongside our 1,000+ missionaries and ministry partners in over 84 countries around the world in a variety of ways to:

  • Use your skills and talents to serve others
  • Encourage and serve the global church
  • Build new ministry relationships
  • Explore long-term ministry opportunities
  • Learn more about being a missionary
  • Determine a specific call to ministry


We provide you with what you need to be prepared, be changed, and make a real difference through short-term missions trips and service opportunities that are:

  • Explicitly gospel-centered
  • Focused on long-term impact
  • United with local missionary and ministry partners
  • Made to strengthen national churches and communities
  • Designed to promote deep spiritual growth
  • Built on 90+ years of gospel work

Whatever your background and experience, there is a place for you to serve through ABWE’s Launch Point. We provide global opportunities in some of the 84 countries where our missionaries and partners serve, as well as US-based opportunities.


  • General ministry experiences (evangelism, teaching, VBS, community outreach, etc.).
  • Specialized ministry experiences, utilizing special skill sets (medical, licensed construction, etc.).
  • Local volunteer service opportunities at our International Headquarters (outside Harrisburg, PA).

If you’re looking for an opportunity to serve in missions, while ensuring your time and the resources required are maximized for long-term ministry, let ABWE be your Launch Point into missions.

We'd love to get to know you and discuss how God is calling you.

Opportunities in this Track


Opportunities exist for Architects to consult on and/or prepare plans and details for projects being constructed around the globe.