Social Media Best Practices

Get The Most Out Of Social Media

  • ABWE has a large body of content that we encourage you to use in your storytelling. Share our photos and videos as a way of connecting with your audience. Also, leverage our larger following to maximize view and reach.
  • Don’t constantly make ask and gift requests. It is important to make them regularly, but not in a way that makes your audience feel nagged or like you only care about telling your stories in order to get something out of them.
  • Also, don’t simply share what you are doing in ministry. Impress on your audience the reason you are passionate about the work and offer a call to action to get them involved. This call to action could be a financial ask, but it could also be a request for prayer or a link to more information about your ministry or the projects with which you are engaged.
  • When you make a post, refer and link to your giving page on ABWE. The more traffic you can direct to your official page, the more likely you are to build your partnership base and connect with potential donors.
  • Consider using Loomly or Hootsuite to schedule your posts. This will better enable you to be consistent with your posts and avoid lapses in content which can result in loss of interest from followers. Generally, aim to post in the mornings and evenings when there will be the highest concentration of scroll time among potential readers.