Your Gift is Tax Deductible

ABWE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Gifts and donations made to ABWE designated for a purpose under the control of ABWE are tax deductible. This includes gifts for support of a missionary, special missionary project or the Global Gospel Fund. Non-cash gifts for these purposes are also deductible when handled according to IRS regulations. Gifts made for purposes not under the control of ABWE are not tax deductible. For example, if a cash contribution is designated as a birthday gift or Christmas gift, it is not a tax deductible gift. If your gift is intended for the personal use of a missionary (such as a birthday or Christmas gift), or you requested one of our resources with your gift, the receipt shows the portion of your gift which is not tax deductible.

What can I expect to receive after sending a donation to ABWE?

  • Donation Receipt: ABWE will issue a receipt after your donation is processed. Receipts will meet all IRS requirements for substantiating your deduction for support and ministry donations.
  • Partner Update: Included with your receipt, you will find stories of how God is using gifts like yours to reach the lost and encourage believers.
  • Message Magazine: As a donor you will receive our award-winning Message magazine. You can change your subscription preference here.

How can I get end-of-year giving information?

The year-to-date total on your last receipt qualifies as a substantiation of your deductible contributions for Federal tax purposes. ABWE issues an Annual Giving Summary on or before January 31 of the following year.

Learn more about giving to ABWE at our Donor FAQ