Foundations of Faith and Mission

A Roundtable Discussion Series

Foundations Session 2: Who and What Is God?

Dive into understanding God’s unique nature. We’ll clarify why Christians believe in a triune God and address some common misconceptions about God’s identity.


Delving into theology proper and the Trinity, this unit underscores the essence and aseity of God, challenging modern notions like social Trinitarianism. It beckons us to appreciate the ontological and economic Trinity while acknowledging God’s desire for the worship of the nations.

Discussion Questions

  • How does the trinitarian nature of God inform missions? 
  • Why is it inaccurate to say Muslims, Jews, and Christians worship the same God? 
  • How are we to understand “person” and “essence” language in regard to the nature of God? 
  • Is it a contradiction to say God is both one and three? 

Supplemental Resources

Further Reading

  • All That Is in God– James Dolezal 
  • Knowing God – J.I. Packer 
  • The Attributes of God – A. W. Pink