Foundations of Faith and Mission

A Roundtable Discussion Series

Foundations Session 5: What Is Man?

What does the Bible teach about our nature and purpose? We’ll look at concepts like being made in God’s image, our fall into sin, and the significance of these truths in today’s secular world.


Anthropology in a biblical lens is addressed here, covering the image of God in man, the effects of the Fall, and contrasting Adam with Christ as heads of two human races.


  • Genesis 1:26-28
  • John 6:44
  • Romans 5:12-21

Other Sources:

Discussion Questions

  • What is the doctrine of original sin?
  • What does it mean that man is created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-27)?
  • How did human nature change after the fall (John 6:44)?
  • How do Adam and Christ, as the federal heads of humanity, inform our understanding of mankind (Rom. 5:12-21)?
  • How do contemporary views of sexuality, human autonomy, etc. pervert Scripture’s teaching on human nature? Why is the affirmation of biblical anthropology imperative for proper theology and missions?
  • Why is creation ex nihilo foundational to the Christian worldview and Christian anthropology? How does an evolutionary worldview undercut the dignity and commission of man? (Genesis 1:26-28)?

Supplemental Resources

Further Reading

  • Human Nature in its Fourfold State – Thomas Boston
  • Created in God’s Image – Anthony Hoekema