Foundations of Faith and Mission

A Roundtable Discussion Series

Foundations Session 6: What Does the Holy Spirit Do?

We often associate the Holy Spirit exclusively with fantastic feats of power. But what if the Holy Spirit’s role was far more ordinary—starting simply with our salvation itself? In this installment, we explore the work of the Spirit in applying redemption to his people.


Pneumatology is explored in this unit, ending with a note on union with Christ. It lays emphasis on the Holy Spirit’s role in our sanctification and union with Christ.

Discussion Questions

  • How does our doctrine of the Holy Spirit practically impact our evangelism?
  • What is the role(s) of the Holy Spirit in redemption?
  • How does the Spirit apply the work of Christ to us?

Supplemental Resources

Further Reading

  • The Holy Spirit – Sinclair Ferguson
  • The Holy Spirit – John Owen