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The Spiritual Need in Liberia

As a result of generations of nearly constant war, government corruption, and widespread reliance on witchcraft for spiritual guidance, Liberia and its people have suffered greatly. Situated on the West African coast, the country lacks basic infrastructure and has few reliable sources of electricity, clean water, or transportation. More recent political instability since the 1980s has left social services severely affected. At the beginning of the 2014 Ebola outbreak, there were only 50 medical doctors serving a country of about four million.

According to the Joshua Project, Christianity and traditional religions are the most commonly practiced religions in Liberia; however, an animistic worldview and the general practice of witchcraft is still very pervasive throughout the country. Muslims make up about 16% of the population, and just 11% of Liberians are evangelical believers. In a country of many great needs, the greatest is the hope of Jesus.

Christian Missions to Liberia

Although ABWE has been present serving with national partners in Liberia, we currently do not have a long-term team residing in the country. ABWE seeks missionaries who are willing to come alongside national partners to ignite a gospel movement of truth and hope among Liberian communities.

Our goal is to equip national believers to strengthen local churches and plant new churches in Liberia, provide theological training as a foundation for future generations of believers, and offer medical programs that open doors to share the gospel among the physically and spiritually broken.

Is God leading you to share his love in word and deed in Liberia?


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Liberia Medical Team

Our medical team trips, led by an IHM team member, use a combination of medical and non-medical personnel who work alongside a national pastor and missionary in the area. Daily clinics provide medical resources, including basic medication, vitamins and reading glasses, all of which help open doors for the gospel and raise the profile of the local church to draw in unbelievers.…

Liberia Projects

The Liberia Projects funds will help support local evangelism and discipleship ministries in Liberia. Baptist College of Missionary Physician Assistants African Fundamental Baptist Mission started the Baptist College of Missionary Physician Assistants, which is developing an excellent reputation with the public, the government, and also the church association.…

Live Global | Faith and Deeds Ministry (Liberia)

Faith and Deeds Ministries in Liberia primarily uses medicine as a means for missions and evangelism. Dr. Coril and her ministry team teach churches how to do outreach in their communities by using medicine as a compassion platform. They invite teams from overseas to to travel alongside Faith and Deeds Ministries on medical outreach trips.…