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“So many have come to Christ that I don’t have enough people to disciple them.” — Argentinian Pastor Santander

The Spiritual Need in Argentina


Argentina is a geographically large and diverse country with a population of about 48 million people. The vast majority live in urban areas, with almost one-third of the entire population living in the greater Buenos Aires area. The tumultuous political history of the 20th century contributed to the worsening of the country’s economic situation, and has deeply affected many Argentines both economically and culturally.

Most Argentines have European ancestry due to Spanish colonization that began in the 16th century and heavily influenced the development of a blended European and Latin American culture in the country. Along with European influence came Roman Catholicism, to which almost 90% of Argentines still subscribe.

Though most Argentines consider themselves Christians, religious practice and affinity is declining, particularly among the younger generation. Yet, Argentines are offered religious freedom and a growing number are finding true freedom in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Biblically-faithful evangelism, discipleship, and church planting in Argentina are desperately needed to bring hope to the nation and support to its local believers.

Church Planting In Argentina

Over the past 30 years, with a vision for evangelism, discipleship and multiplication, ABWE missionaries have helped plant 22 churches in Argentina. Each church is dedicated to spreading the word of God in their surrounding communities. ABWE missionaries come alongside these churches to help them multiply even further. Some of these churches have visions to open private schools to offer Christian education, or join the international missions movement, but they need training and more support.

In Buenos Aires, ABWE missionaries invest in a Pastor Training Center where future Argentinian pastors and missionaries have opportunities for leadership development and theological education. There are abundant opportunities for people who are passionate about sharing the love of Christ through evangelism, teaching, training and church planting in Argentina.


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Argentina Medical Team

Our medical team trips, led by an IHM team member, use a combination of medical and non-medical personnel who work alongside a national pastor and missionary in the area. Daily clinics provide medical resources, including basic medication, vitamins and reading glasses, all of which help open doors for the gospel and raise the profile of the local church to draw in unbelievers.…

National Partners Argentina

These funds will be used to support national pastors and leaders. They will be serving alongside ABWE Church Planting missionaries, by leading other Argentines to Christ, teaching them, equipping them and sending them to impact the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.…