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The Spiritual Need in Australia

Despite being the only country in the world to occupy almost an entire continent, Australia is culturally diverse. With a population of about 20 million, one-third of its residents were born overseas—ten times the global average.

Immigrants are arriving in droves from China, India, and the Middle East, explaining why Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism are doubling every census. This is why Christian missions to Australia are greatly needed right now.

Australia’s social democracy provides wide open doors for the gospel to enter the public spheres of commerce, education, and recreation. Will you seize this opportunity to proclaim Christ to the millions from closed countries who are immigrating to Australia?

Christian Missions To Australia

Contrary to media portrayals, the typical Aussie is not a stockman sipping billy tea in the Outback; he or she is a cosmopolitan professional (almost 90% of the population lives in cities) doing business over a latte. ABWE arrived in the urban jungle of Sydney in 1971. Today, ABWE’s team of evangelists and church planters leverages the strategic influence of this global city of 5.5 million people. The team’s footprint also encompasses every Australian regional capital plus other major urban centers around the continent.

The Australia team is looking for well-seasoned Christians who approach evangelism with a sense of creativity and adventure. Will you join us in fostering a uniquely Australian church-planting and missionary-sending movement?

Workplace Evangelism: Under the leadership of an innovative Australia-based ministry, ABWE helps introduce business people to Christ via lunch time Bible talks, boardroom prayer groups, and cinema events.

Scripture Classes: Thirty minutes per week are reserved in the regular curriculum for religious instruction in public schools. ABWE places teachers in multiple schools who teach the Bible to hundreds of students. Many children learn about and accept Jesus through this program every year.

Sports Evangelism: Gospel conversations flow easily when a major sporting event is being held. Join teams who evangelize at the Olympics and World Cups and watch people from all over the world choose to follow Christ.

Church Planting: Momentum is building as new and relaunched churches are popping up across the country. ABWE team members assist existing churches to reproduce and work alongside Australian church planters.

Missionary Sending: Australian churches are mobilizing their own into Asia and the South Pacific. ABWE plays a key administrative and networking role.


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Our Australia team is looking for someone skilled in accounting or bookkeeping who also has a heart to reach Australians with the Gospel.

ESL Teacher

Join our Australia team and use your gifts and talents in ESL to share the Gospel.


Australia National Partners

ENLIST (Equipping New Leaders through In-Service Training) is located in Sydney, Australia. It fuels the multiplication of churches across the continent and into neighboring countries. Funds will be used to provide a modest salary to an intern family for up to one year so that they might learn on the job alongside an experienced church planter.…

Urban Ministry | City Bible Forum

City Bible Forum creates the spaces and opportunities in the workplace to talk about the big issues people care about. From CEOs to new graduates, our trained and experienced staff are explaining the Bible to people every day, in every way in Australia.…