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The Spiritual Need in the Dominican Republic

Marred by centuries of harsh colonialism, oppressive regimes, economic and political instability, and devastating natural disasters, the Dominican Republic has experienced great hardship. The physical needs in this Caribbean island nation are matched by a dark spiritual climate. Colonized by the Spanish in the late 1400s, the Dominican Republic has strong religious, ethnic, and cultural ties to Roman Catholicism, clearly reflected in the historic cathedrals, monasteries, and hospitals still serving the local population. Catholicism is the official religion and holds special privileges not granted to other religious groups.

While the number of evangelical believers has been growing in recent years, the strong political and cultural ties to Catholicism—as well as voodoo practices common among lower class communities and Haitian immigrants—presents challenges to spreading the gospel.

Empowering National Partners to Minister in the Dominican Republic

ABWE GO and Live Global have partnered with committed national believers in the Dominican Republic to equip pastors and reach impoverished communities. Live Global supports and assists local pastors sharing the gospel through mercy ministries in orphanages, schools, and medical clinics, and in developing a unique ministry to Haitian immigrants working on sugar cane plantations known as bateyes.

There is a large need for theological educators to train Dominican pastors, leaders, and church planters to reach both the Haitian and Dominican populations on the island.

While there is not currently an ABWE missionary presence in the Dominican Republic, the harvest is ripe, and many creative opportunities are available for ministry. Consider how you could use your gifts and passions to work with national partners in the country on a short-term or long-term basis.

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Dominican Republic Medical Team

Our medical team trips, led by an ABWE GO|Healthcare team member, use a combination of medical and non-medical personnel who work alongside a national pastor and missionary in the area. Daily clinics provide medical resources, including basic medication, vitamins and reading glasses, all of which help open doors for the gospel and raise the profile of the local church to draw in unbelievers.…

Live Global | Grace Ministry Center

As tensions in Haiti have grown, God gave Pastor Predestin the idea to expand his ministry impact into the Dominican Republic. The DR is is right "next door" to his primary ministry home, Haiti. Here in the Dominican, Pastor Predestin can safely train pastors, many of whom are Haitian.…

Reaching Haitian Immigrants with Pastor Ramon

Pastor Ramon has been leading his church and other Dominican churches to be involved in God’s work in a very diverse and multifaceted way. Pastor Ramon states, “God’s work has many ways of expressing itself.” Pastor Ramon has a burden for the more than 2 million Haitian immigrants who are living in the Dominican Republic. …